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Carols cake is based in Barnet and makes cakes for all occasions including Birthday Cakes,Wedding cakes,Anniversary cakes,Engagement cakes, christening cakes,baby shower cakes, cupcakes.  

All cakes are made fresh by hand here at my home.

I am more than happy to replicate cakes you can see here on the site but love the opportunity to come up with an original design. Just give me a call or email me with your ideas and we take it from there.

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  Marvel back wedding  cake
         Dumbo Cake

Handbag and shoe cake
Jack Daniels Bottle     Cake
      Minion Cake



       Homer Simpson Cake
Film roll and popcorn cake
            Casino Cake 

       Pink Bling Cake

           Ladybird Cake

Cherry blossom wedding cake

Winnie the Pooh Cake

Number Explosion

           Fishing cake
        Wonka Bar Cake

Converse boot
Jake and Neverlands cake


Black Pearl and Kraken Cake

    Spiderman Bust Cake






 Tiered Cupcake (Geneva) cake



      Castle Cake 1
    Horse's Head Cake

    Tree Stump Cake

        Baby Shower Cake

             Camera Cake
      Bugs Cake

          Car Cake
                    F1 Cake
      Bubble Cake

 Princess and Pirate Cake

    Yoga Cats Cake
       Frozen 1
      Ballet Shoe Cake
      Frozen 2
            M&M's Cake
  Golden Anniversary 
Rose Blush Wedding Cake

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